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Guest DavidG

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Guest DavidG

Guys, for the past month I’ve had some issues with my boat. First the power pole quit working, then after picking it up 2 weeks later to find the on board battery charger not working. Now waiting 1 1/2 weeks for that to be resolved. I finally called a hour ago to find out it was ready for pick up. I generously gave my dogs my dinner ( sandwiches lol ) and ran down to ACM to get my boat. After I got there, it started me thinking. How would I feel if I was hit by 60 boats on a Monday morning all which were as important as mine! Some were charter Capt boats who needed them for paying customers.Most were like mine. I then felt like a *** as I apologized to Nancy and Terry. As a past first responder, I honestly had no reason to bitch! As a man that doesn’t need his catch to survive ( thank God) I truly felt like a ***! These techs, service managers bust their *** to keep us happy and safe on the water. I apologize first to Terry and Nancy at ACM, then I apologize to all of you for my rant! All of these individuals deserve our respect!....David G

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