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Update LET'S GO FEEESH !!! READY TO GO !!! The Holy Ghost with Leonardo Da Vinci Ralph da Outlaw


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A bit of progress.....


I like having a bimini on the skiff for the hot afternoons and the run home....as well as sitting for a while and having lunch.

The bimini was normally sitting on the poling platform.  I have two locations for the bimini, one which covers the stern part of the skiff so you have everything from the console forward open and the second is the standard position where it covers the console and about 1/3 of the stern.  For inshore fishing, you can put up the bimini and have the entire front of the skiff available for fishing on the bow.  I had Ralph put together a set of bars to catch the bimini in the far most position (back 1/2) so it  out of the way when fishing without the bimini.  With this, it takes about 30 seconds to put it up and when finished using it, you just drop it back.




Heres the beginning of the casting platform....I wanted something large.  We are going for 20"  high with a step and it will have a leaning bar that can be placed facing forward or at back of the platform....




All the hatches will be able to be opened.....more to come :)




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