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Video of Unmanned Boat Crashing Into Dock


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Perfect reason to have a wireless motor kill setup on your boat. For  $250.00 dollars this can be completely avoided and be of little or no inconvenience to the operator.

This is one of three I found available and the one I chose.

 Acr Olas Guardian Wireless Engine Kill Switch & Man Overboard (Mob) Alarm System

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Can't fix stupid indeed!  

What's been burning my butt with kill-switches and such lately is the advertisements showing beautiful flats boats gliding across the bay/inland waters at a high rate of speed with two young men crouched over, hair blowing in the wind, etc. 

You get the picture!  What a wonderful life/adventure!  And it is!

What's missing?  Yep; life jackets/kill switches.  I was banned from a FB fishing group (go figure) for debating this topic.  

Without mentioning any manufacturers ,  I inquired as to why these beautiful videos lacked safety equipment being worn/shown and was told, "It's not mandatory" so we choose (choose) not to show it!

I wear mine and have my kill switch hooked up - piece of mind I guess.


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I saw this post early this am, watched the video several times and forwarded it to many boating friends - some who use protective gear and some who do not.  I hope this will convince them to wear the vest and use a kill switch.  With years of using both and often running alone, I feel there is something wrong if I am without either.  

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