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Fat Macs

all wet

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Went a little offshore of Cedar Key yesterday to troll up some Spanish.  They were home, as was tons of bait everywhere.  Trolled Clark spoons with 50 lb. flourocarbon leaders.  Loads of fun when the big fat ones start pulling drag like mini kings.  Got a limit in a little over an hour and headed inshore.  Full incoming tide and found an assortment of fish on gulp shrimp and swimming mullet.  Four Reds ( 2 keeper size), Trout, small flounder, ladyfish, and a small Snook.  I haven't caught a Snook up here in 2 years so was nice to see one again.

I think I need a bigger cooler, I had to bring the Redfish and Trout home in the livewell.  Got a crap load of Mackerel for a fish fry...........that's the only way I eat 'em.

Really a beautiful day, neat sunrise, coolish in the morning, light wind.  I always forget to take pics of the water and scenery.  Got to remember to do that next time.  Anyway, here's some pics.  The Redfish in the picture is 20" so you can get a size comparison to the size of the macs.










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