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Tilt Trim Help Please


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Tilt and trim not working right on the pathfinder. 200hp SHO had the tilt, trim assembly rebuilt 2019 under warranty.

Left the boat a couple of weeks with the engine tilted all the way up. When I went to lower it it kind of jerked on the way down and  made a squealing noise. Raised it up no problem and lubed the rams and stops and tried again. No squeal but the motor slowed much more than normal when it hit the rams. At that point the trim motor seems like it was straining to get the motor all of the way down. The more you try it the worse it gets and finally stops completely but up seems to be better than down.

So far I have checked and cleaned every connection I could find, check the fluid level, full, checked the battery and finally swapped it for a new one. The motor goes down smoothly by the manual release.

Did I miss anything? I am thinking trim motor but not sure what goes on inside the unit.

Thanks in advance all!

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If the motor goes down smoothly when you manually release it then The motor is bad.  When my SHO 200 on my 2012 2200 TRS was less than two years old the trim tilt motor died. I was very disappointed. It should have lasted much longer than that. I bought a replacement from ARCO. When I tried to remove the trim tilt unit to replace the motor on the bench It became very apparent why the motor went bad. The top tilt ram pin was stuck solid. Not only would it not come out but it was causing a ton of drag on the T&T motor. Both pins need to move freely when tilting up and down. Using a Very large and strong C clamp and tons of PB Blaster I was able to remove the top pin. I ordered a New Stainless Steel pin ( the factory pin is not stainless ) for the top and the bottom from Five Star and OEM replacement bushings from from Sim Yamaha. The ARCO motor with the new pins that do not corrode and lock up and it has lasted 6 years.



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Not a bad ideal. These SHOWA units also have a couple o rings that fail and cause leaks. The test will be if you can remove it easily. I was checking and I also had to replace my T&T relay. It would always trim up but intermittently would not go down. New relay fixed it.

If your unit is not leaking and can easily be removed from the motor ( no stuck pins ) then I would say just order a motor ( ARCO is less expensive and mine has done very well ) and replace it. 

If your motor is bad the $430 dollars for rebuild does not include a new motor.

I have done all this so if you do it yourself and need anything let me know.

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Five Star is on the ball. These are the only guys I could find that recognized the need for Replacement Pins for the SHOs. They produce a quality stainless steel pin to replace the sub standard ones Yamaha put on these motors. Has saved me many hours.

Keep us up to date,   

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On 10/19/2020 at 9:17 AM, Headhunter said:

An update. I tallked with 5 star marine this morning and they confirmed that it's a valve hanging up inside the unit. These guys sound pretty sharp and have a good rep so I am going to give this a shot. Assuming I can get the unit off it will be headed their way this week.

Headhunter, was going over some notes from when my T&T motor went bad.  You might want to also check your balance bar for the steering than goes thru the tilt tube. They seize in the tilt tube and cause drag on the T&T. The two black steering arm will also wear if the balance bar does not move. Just a thought. 

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  Had trim motor problem 2013 Yamaha 150. I would tap the motor with a rubber mallet and it would work. Yamaha wanted $700+ for a new motor. DB electric( www.dbelectric.com) sold me a new motor for $100+. Saw the mallet trick work diagnosing bad fuel pumps on cars, they would hit the tank and the pump would work. Could be the brushes, stator or armature. Repair guy wanted $95.00/hr. So I bought a dbelectric pump. I will eventually fix my original tilt trim motor.

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