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We Found The Uglies - Capt DonH and Dino Adventures

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We hit the water at 0730....and made our way to the back....running the Lopez we were fishing  along the Everglades Waterway by 0830...

We made a few spots with no love....

I decided to go to a new spot which we have never fished where I saw on my GPS a large oyster bar that stretched about 500 yards....along  a deep channel.

After thirty minutes of NADA....I saw some swirls off in the distance....I thought i was a manatee or something..but, suddenly, I see the big uglies swimming around the boat....

I grabbed a live shrimp, tossed it into one of the swirls, and then it was game on....

I had the opportunity to catch two of these bruisers....

Overall day less than stellar, but, as Don H says, it only takes one fish to make the day....for our team, it was two uglies.





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11 hours ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Was planning on doing the back , but felt there would be to much fresh water .

Soooooo many fish , I think I am feelin sick ! 🤮


I should have fished the front - but, would not  have got the Uglies....Don H and I spoke of that after the day was over....we spoke to a few at the ramp and they did well out front...

Heading back on Sunday, but, will fish the front.




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