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Rod tubes


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I had to spend 5 hours attending a virtual medical conference ( Urolift BPH Summit) so I decided , since they couldn’t see me, I could work on my Redfisher 16  while I listened to the conference on a Bluetooth speaker. I washed the boat , Woody waxed the non skid and metal,  lightly compounded the hull and added a ceramic coating, filled in a few gel coat cracks , added a Battery Tender Plug in anticipation of finally getting my Terrova Riptide (hopefully) , compounded and waxed the console, and put on a new Hewes Sticker I bought on EBay. I drank a bit of coffee to get all of this done and the conference came and went and I was still working . 
One thing I couldn’t fix was my starboard forward rod tubes. Even had the wife out to help me. All four tubes have broken off and dropped into the forward compartment. I tried placing sticks into the holes and threading the tubes over the sticks but that went nowhere. I could cut the existing tubes in pieces and remove them and I guess try to find new ones, maybe on Flounder-Pounder, anyone have any ideas? I have fairly cheap rods (mostly Ugly Sticks) with good reels (Shimano Stradics) but I like having the tubes for protection on both sides. I usually bring a fly rod with me as well to mess around with . Thanks.

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