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I recently purchased a 2019 2500 Hybrid. The boat did not come with the recirc option (exact description is "recirculating pump system for livewell, aft center"). I want to add it now. I do a lot of backcountry and shallow water fishing (boat does surprisingly well is shallow water). When fishing the backcountry around florida bay and flamingo there are a lot of areas with very dirty and muddy water. The main pump ends up sucking up nasty muck and grass , which you don't want pouring in the well. The mud will also clog up the pump from time to time. In shallower clear water, the pump is fairly loud. Too loud for easily spooked fish. I currently have no option in these situations but to simply turn the live well pump off and have bait end up dying. Hence, I would like to add a recirc pump. I don't think an aerator alone will provide enough oxygen for a well full of mullet or pilchards or shrimp, or combo of both. 

Does anyone have a picture of the 2500 Hybrid recirc setup? What pump is used. Does the recirc pump share the same hose that the main pump uses to push water into the tank? I would like a balance between the quietest pump and enough GPH to keep bait alive. I have seen some livewell pump aerator combos like this:




Don't know how good they are. Was also wondering what Pathfinder's stock setup looked like. Any help is appreciated.

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I know this is not the answer you are looking for, but over the years I've had some really noisy live-well pumps in various boats. Here is the fix; the noise is coming from the pump and is transmitted to the metal pipes and is amplified by the hull. If you separate the pump from the metal pipe, the noise goes away. Instead of threading the pump into the pipe, keep them separated by adding a short piece of hose between the pump and metal pipe. 


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