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22 Pathfinder boat cover


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On 11/23/2020 at 10:58 AM, cumberlandjg said:

How do you prevent mold or mildew underneath the cover and in the compartments? My problem is oak trees and acorns.

There are two questions here.  The answer to the first question is a good boat cover with a solar exhaust fan and two dorade vents up high.  Both serve to allow air to circulate and also serve to reduce the very hot air under a blue cover.


This is my old boat, the V2000, the cover shows the vents at a high location.


This is the new boat.  Look carefully at the cover between the console and the leaning post backrest.  The black disk is the exhaust fan.  I added dorade vents like the old boat had soon after this image was taken to increase air flow.  I also open all the hatches a few inches by placing tennis balls to hold the hatches open while not open so far as to interfere with the cover.  Does it work?  Here is the V2000 bilge with over 1000 hours on the boat



The answer to the second question, the oak tree and the acorns...have you tried a chain saw?

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1 hour ago, Fish-on said:

What was the manufacture of the solar fan that you used ?


The name is "Vent-sol-Air". Amazon seems to have it here.


It is light weight which is good and bad.  Good because is won't weigh down the cover (but still needs a support pole to hold it up) and bad because I broke one by pulling down very hard on the cover straps to get it tight.  One strap pulling is OK but 8 straps all pulling down is too much force,  Turns out the straps don't need to be that tight to keep the cover looking good and preventing puddles.

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My boat (2019 2005TRS) cover was manufactured by LaPorte out of the Charleston, SC area. Though not custom, it comes close. Basically $700 delivered. It covers the outboard, swim platform and nearly halfway down the hull sides. No vents but through this past coastal NC summer no issue with mildew. The slickest item is the oversized zipper that allows you to put the cover on while in the boat.  Here is the link to their site.      https://laporteproducts.com

A few weeks ago while in the Charleston area I dropped it by (called first) and they added two strap loops, reinforcement for the trolling motor plate and repaired a minor zipper seam fail. They charged me $50 for the alterations.

The team at LaPorte takes great pride in what the do and it shows in the way the facility is maintained, the product they produce and support during and after the purchase. The capper was that the 4 different employees I dealt with face to face and over the phone were attentive and obviously loved working there.  


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