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Upgrade Power Poles - Life is Good !!!


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I have had my PowerPoles since 2015 when I bought them for my skinny mini - Pathy 17t...yes, twin power poles on the stern of a skinny mini.

Anyways, when I sold the skinny mini, i transferred them to my new Mistress the MA17.

I have been having some issues with the boards and I contacted Power Pole...they have been great working with me, and I finally just said, "heck, can i just upgrade to C-Monster 2?"

Well, Money talks, so two new motors arrived last week and I just installed them.

On my last trip, I broke a pole (yes, the oyster bars in Chokoloskee are unforgiving) so they sent me two new spikes (life is good)

I installed the motors (yes, what I thought would take 1 hr, took 2.5, but, it's a boat !!! )

all is good, running great, new motors, new spikes - life is good !!!

a few pics....and can I say how great the gang at Power Pole is ??? Todd and Ausry are fantastic...


I did a temporary wiring job just to get out with a buddy....but, it works :)  Video shows the up and down and I'm using my big horse watering trough for my weekly 20-20 minutes of running.



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