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2300 HPS New Prop Details


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Jackplate is set at 3. The prop stays hooked up at higher settings but puts me into the rev limiter to early.

I'm confused about the "rev limiter" statement. Are you saying this is the best prop or do you need to test more props. How does this prop hold in the surf/chop and in turns.

I looked at their web-site, but can't find the difference in Standard and Lab Finish, other than the price. Looks like the price jumps from $750 to $1,200. What exactly is a Lab finish?

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Prop has very good grip in chop and in turns. 3 is where this prop needs to be for speed. Probably could turn more pitch at higher settings

but if you get the prop to high you lose the leverage to carry the bow and end up losing speed.

I would like to try a 25 to see if I am at this point but not bad enough to spend $ 750 on another prop.

Lab finish is basically a blueprinted and balanced prop with thinned blades and sharp leading edges.

They are fast but get dinged up easily. the Bravo FS and the OBF are the compromise between stock and lab finish props

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