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KUDOS to Power Pole Customer Service


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Last weekend I experienced  hydraulic line failure on my Power Pole. The blue line cracked in half while raising the PP back during fishing. And let me tell you all one thing for sure ; a few ounces of that hydraulic fluid will cover more square footage of boat and water than a gallon of paint. Anyway, sh*t happens and it did. No biggie, secured the PP and cleaned up mess and carried on. After getting home, after further evaluation, the line was somewhat brittle, I suspect from being in UV light for approx 10 years.... yes, these were the original hydraulic lines from initial installation. 

I took a few pictures and went on PP website and filled out the customer service questions and included a few pics for them to see and asked about PURCHASING replacement hydraulic lines and fittings to go ahead and replace both lines. That was on Sunday....I got a reply on Monday saying that they were sorry for my inconvenience and a replacement kit was in route to my home. On Wednesday, I received a box with a quart of the special green hydraulic fluid, 10 ft of blue and 10 ft of black hydraulic lines with all the fittings and ferrules to replace both lines. NO CHARGE for anything....

This is by far the BEST customer service of any marine supply company that I have ever dealt with. No BS, no questions, straight out excellent customer service. My package came from JL Marine all parts plus shipping cost me ZERO.  Don’t forget, this system on my Pathfinder is 10 years old.

If you are considering buying a Power Pole in the future....rest assured that the PP Company stands behind their products 10000%%


here is after and before....because I loaded the pics in reverse apparently....





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