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Apalachicola Area Wildlife Photographs

Ron in Atlanta

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Apalachicola River

Apalach Low Res-14.jpg


Red Bellied Woodpecker

Apalach Low Res-12.jpg


Snowy Egret

Apalach Low Res-13.jpg


Ruddy Turnstone

Apalach Low Res-9.jpg

With lunch

Apalach Low Res-10.jpg


Carrabelle River

Apalach Low Res-1.jpg



Apalach Low Res-2.jpg


Willet and Sand Crab

Apalach Low Res-3.jpg

Apalach Low Res-8.jpg


Bald Eagle launches

Apalach Low Res-15.jpg

Apalach Low Res-20.jpg


Laurie and Miss Laurie at the town dock in Apalachicola 

Apalach Low Res-23.jpg


A younger Bald Eagle

Apalach Low Res-24.jpg


A small flock of Oystercatchers

Apalach Low Res-26.jpg

Apalach Low Res-27.jpg

Apalach Low Res-30.jpg


Mr and Ms Bald Eagle set up house keeping

Apalach Low Res-38.jpg


"You lookin at me?"    A Cormorant, apparently from New York originally.

Apalach Low Res-41.jpg


Red Shouldered Hawk 

Apalach Low Res-43.jpg

Apalach Low Res-44.jpg


He likes fish fillets 

Apalach Low Res-47.jpg


A tough Sanderling not afraid of the surf

Apalach Low Res-51.jpg


Willet goes for a jog down the beach

Apalach Low Res-53.jpg



Apalach Low Res-58.jpg

Apalach Low Res-52.jpg

Apalach Low Res-41.jpg

Apalach Low Res-55.jpg

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