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Need white gelcoat for a 2014 Cobia 237


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Hello MBG forum!

I've had my 237 for 3 years now, and love the boat. I'm switching some electronics and need some gelcoat to match. If I can get the factory color it should match. The gelcoat is the same color under the old electronics as in the exposed area. I tried spectrum color, but they only list Cobia models up to 2008 or so. I only need a pint or less of brushable gelcoat. I do have FGCI near me, but I think they will only match a gallon or more. Does anyone know the name or code of the color I need and a place to purchase a small quantity?



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I know you mention Spectrum but not sure if you looked online or called. I would say if you didn't maybe call. I used them for gel on a 96 and they were super helpful on phone and in person. They are local so I took boat over but they also sold me a quart and didn't have to buy the full gallon. It wasn't listed for my age boat but they looked at the formula or colors and suggested something they had in stock was a super close match and it was.

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Not sure about cobia, but needed some ice blue gel coat to repair a small size whammy on my 2017 16 Redfisher.  I called Hewes and the lady was very helpful. She said they change colors often and they no longer had the ice blue gel coat color I needed. She gave me the spectrum color number that was equivalent to the ice blue Hewes used during the time my boat was made. I called spectrum and gave them the number and it was at my house within 5 days. Darn gel coat is expensive.

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Thanks guys. I tried calling Spectrum, but they only had the info that was on their site. No reference to white for Cobia past 2008. She said to call Cobia. Called Cobia and they called me back. Gave me this:

Pure White:
spectrum part number 10895 (Spectrum calls this "MAVERICK PURE WHITE 14-17")
manufacturer code 99F-WK-946

Ice Blue
spectrum part number 10867 (Spectrum calls this "MAVERICK ICE BLUE 05-16")
manufacturer code 99F-WP-418

I'm going to FGCI to see if they have this color, as they are local. If not, I will get it from Spectrum.

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Not sure if it would work for you, but I have a quart of Spectrum Hewes Bonefisher Pure White 14-17 - Gel Coat.  Purchased on April 13, 2020.  Never opened, stored at room temp inside the house.  Got it for a project to match my 2017 Hewes Redfisher 16 and never used it.  Make me an offer.  Pics of label attached.





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