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Cold morning trout bite.....


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With temps in low 30’s to mid 40’s this past week.....I figured the water temp would also be dropping....ended up going on Sunday morning at daylight the air temp was at 42F and water temp in the river was 59 F.  You might say it was a little nippy there around 6:30 AM. 

Went to the Zara Spook first and after 15 minutes and not one strike....got out the trusty screwtails and started working the bank ( incoming tide ) my fishing buddy did also catch a couple on a MirrorLure Heavy Dine......which is a suspending lure. He has better luck with those than me, and at around $7.00 each , I can snag an oyster shell or tree limb just fine with a $ 1.00 jig head. And by the way.... that’s experience talking. I’ll stick to the jig heads and screwtails .....

the bite was solid for a couple hours with very little breaks between bites....ended up with a good mess of keepers and also had several large Redfish releases and another two dozen short trout releases....once the tide got up in grass and the bite switch turned off.....we headed to the landing.

overall, really nice day.....and we put a few packs of trout in freezer for the rainy days.



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