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12/8 ENP 10k's

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7:45 AM at the boat ramp.  Car thermometer read 52.  I was prepared.  Clothed in layers.  I know you guys in NC, SC, VA, etc. laugh when the outdoor temps are in the low 50’s.  With the wind howling it was all about avoiding the wind.

Today was all about scouting new spots in the Fakahatchee.  Found ‘em I did. With the wind out of the northwest 15+ , and a hi tide at 7:15 AM, the race was on.   Deep into the backcountry.  Water at the dock was stirred up, chalky looking.  In the back, the water was tea colored but really clear.  I don’t have the ability to read water temps, but the water back there must have been warmer.

I soon realized that my only vulnerability were my hands.  Running 25 minutes and it was a beautiful run, left my fingertips numb and tingling.  I read somewhere if you slap your head that sensation goes away.  FYI, it works.  Catching fish also helps.

It was tricky but I managed to find two deep holes and where the tide wasn’t ripping or influenced by the winds and not too much shade.  Discovering an oyster bar with a deep hole behind it allowed me to have some fun.  All in all, the tally was 4 trout, 2 snapper, 1 snook, a few ladyfish.  All on jigs, no live bait!  No Reds (bummed about that).  Big shark.  Back by noon.

I didn’t have a chance to see if the outer islands had campers.  I’m sure there were.  I don’t know how they camp out there when it’s cold and the wind is kicking.  It’s even colder today!







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