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98-99 Hewes Redfisher 19" Looking To Buy

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4 minutes ago, mattburrell said:

Yessssssssss he just sold it last week!! Dream boat!! Nicest one I've seen.

Ahh, Man!  That looked like the perfect deal, made for both buyer and seller!  Your Dolphin SS 17 is a rare skiff - looks great!  I think I've only ever seen two of them including yours and the one in the brochure, LOL.  Good luck with your search!

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  My brother-in-law rigged and gave his blessing as the shop foreman at Bob Hewes Boats to every Hewes that left after being rigged from probably 81'ish (he started there in 74 as a boat washer) until they sold to MBG in 89. Went into buisness for himself, still in buisness to this day! The one boat that he worked on in his career that stood out to him of all the Hewes after he left Bob Hewes was the MBC/MBG Hewes 19'! He said it was a great ride and he was impressed, he said that the 19 with a 150 power plant was incredible, Bob should of built it!

  40 something years in the business, that's saying something about the 19!. Good luck in your search, keep us posted!

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