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Tennessee River Photographs

Ron in Atlanta

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Nice weather yesterday (Dec 10) so we ran on up to the Tennessee River North of Chattanooga.  Sandhill Cranes stop here on the path of their migration.

Lots of Sandhill Cranes




Coming in for a landing



I love that the families fly together




That's Dad, Mom and youngster on the bottom.



Bald Eagles, an adult here



an immature Bald Eagle, about 3 years old



White Pelicans as well



Lots of White Pelicans



And of course, the ever present Great Blue Heron poses in front of a cypress tree


Talk about "social distancing" I think we saw two other boats all day.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Tennessee River Dec 2020-2.jpg

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3 hours ago, Bobby B said:

What lens are you using for those flying shots?

I shoot with a Nikon D850 and believe it or not, a Sigma 180 - 600mm Sports lens.  We let the boat drift between Hiawassee Island and the southern bank of the Hiawassee River.  The birds spend time flying between the two locations.  Most of the shots were taken at 2000th of a second shutter speed and of course, hand held because we are on a boat which rocks back and forth, negating the opportunity to use a tripod.  

These are a lot of Cranes here at this time of year.


and occasionally, you get very lucky and spot a Whooping Crane...


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