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Tampa Bay Information needed


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  You could try googling "Demographics" and enter the area code. This will give you a wealth of information about the area, such as average value of homes, crime, education of residents, average income, registered sex offenders, and ethnicity of residents. But first, you have to narrow down a few zip codes, with help from others.  

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Hutch, Tampa is a great place to live. "Downtown" Tampa has seen a lot of great changes making it a great place to live as a young couple. Check out the Water Street development in downtown Tampa. https://waterstreettampa.com/. Besides downtown, your daughter will most likely want to live in an area referred to as "South Tampa", which is very popular. There are also some great areas that have recently been developed in the "Midtown" area. Let me know if you have more questions. Mike Hancock

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My wife grew up in South Tampa, we lived there together for 6 years in two different parts (Beach Park and Hyde Park - both outstanding areas of South Tampa. We've also lived up in North Tampa in an area called Odessa... it is much more rural, known for having a ton of small freshwater lakes... very beautiful area also, but it's a totally different scene. We now live in Belleair, which is about 30 minutes from South Tampa, but right next to the beach with some great golf courses... it is an awesome community, but truly better for families than newly married or singles. 

For most people, this typically comes down to a financial decision. If she is stable financially, living in South Tampa is almost essential to the "Tampa" experience... but fair warning - a dollar doesn't go very far down there! If you compared what you could get in South Tampa versus North Tampa, Westchase, Brandon, Riverview, or Apollo Beach, you would be tempted to go to one of those suburbs. I would strongly suggest not falling for the temptation of a nicer house or apartment and live with the commute... if you live in South Tampa and work there too, you never have to deal with the terrible traffic that this area is known for during rush hour. 

If my daughter was looking for an apartment and wanted a true Tampa quality of life, prior to children, I would suggest Davis Islands, Channelside, Water Street, downtown proper (near Curtis Hixon park), or Hyde Park. all of those are on the "downtown" / East side of South Tampa. The west side of the peninsula is also fantastic (I actually prefer it) but it is more family focused with fewer apartments. 

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SOHO (south Howard ave) in Tampa is a very popular area and has a lot of younger people. Pretty much anywhere in St Petersburg will have a fair amount of younger people with all the high rise apartment complexes, but a couple blocks can put you in the hood or in the million dollar condos. 

The downside is rent is very high, so much so I decided to buy a house because I couldn't see myself throwing away the money monthly. 

I will say, I was very tempted to get some bachelor's apartment or condo in downtown st pete and live the young life, but again pricing is just insane

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