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1998 Hewes Bonefisher poling platform reattachment


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Looks like you were doing glass work on the transom. If it fits your budget, might want to think about getting the newer style platform in case you change to 4 stroke power as the newer engines dont clear the platform all the way(atleast in the 18’). Will save future transom/deck work And you wouldnt see the patch job. But if not, as Wanaflatsfish said, thru bolts in the transom and large stainless fender washeds or a plate. Think you will be limited on one side as your anchor light wire might be going through one of the legs. 5200 around the leg and in the hole. Let us know what you use and how it worked!

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49 minutes ago, Artlow12 said:

I would only be able to cut access and through bolt on one side ( non livewell side).  Are you suggesting just through bolt on the battery side and screw in the other?

If you still have the pie plate inspection hatch, measure for the biggest rectangular one you can fit and put that in your splash well. You should be able to reach the thru bolts port side then. If you dont want to do that, tape the nuts on a wrench and get someone to help, a good contorsunist if you can find one. Mine are still lag bolted, if you do that, make sure and fill the hole with 5200 before lag bolting. Have to predrill if the holes arent there from before.  

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