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April Fishing Report SC


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Bait is here and fishing is great! I am seeing mullet along the shorelines, shrimp popping in the creeks, and menhaden coming from the ocean. 

Trout - Current current current! Look for current seams coming off shorelines, in creeks and from drains and you should find trout. A jig head with your favorite soft plastic or a popping cork should get you bites.

Redfish - I have not seen schooling fish in a few weeks. The fish are moving from main river shorelines on lows, up the creeks and into the marsh as the tide rises with some staying in the deeper pockets to ride out the low tide cycle still. Then the reverse on the fall.

One of the more effective methods I have been using is to find these funnel points they pass through in the marsh as they transition and fish them as they come through. Live bait can shine here but artificials will also get you bites.

Mid tide, and especially on large tide days, go looking for structure such as lay downs and docks that the fish can hide behind to get out of the current. If you notice on a slack tide you will see bait swimming in the middle of creeks but as it picks up it will all be along the shore or structure, you should be fishing the same way.

High tides/Flood tides - Fiddlers are out, water temps are up, and fish are on the flats. While we are seeing a good number of fish on the flats I have not yet seen a lot of "happy" fish which are rooting around aggressively and easy to feed. Most of our shots have been at slow cruising or laid up fish with a few tailers thrown in. I have also had luck staking out along the grass edge on a main river shoreline as the tide falls and sight casting fish as they travel the grass line. The fish should only get more active as time goes on.


Most importantly, get out on the water and enjoy as it is only going to get hotter and more crowded.

If you are a bass angler looking to get into inshore fishing now can be a good time to get on the trolling motor and power fish with success as well.










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