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Push pole length?


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Looking for input on push pole length. I have a 2000 16' Bayfisher. Bought it in January and it came with a 21' MHX push pole. I'm not much of a poler, and I'm having a 24 volt Powerdrive trolling motor installed. The pole seems way too long for me and the boat. I'm primarily in the north end of the Mosquito Lagoon and the creeks south of New Smyrna. Besides the length issue, is it worth cutting this pole down to a manageable length, or selling it and buying another pole? Thanks

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BlueDog you may want to do some more poling before cutting down the push pole . It is easy to cut the pole and reattach the foot . A lot of people that pole like the longer push pole because a longer pole let’s you plant the foot in the bottom further back from the boat and the angle of the pole with the foot further back makes applying pressure to push the pole easier plus gives you more pole to walk your hands down while applying pressure . You won’t need to plant the foot as many times to move the boat with the longer pole . When I poled my boats before I got old and my knees got tired and worn out I like the latest longer pole to use . I started with a fiberglass heavy pole cat moved to a moon lighter which was a lot lighter and really liked the switch . That was before the super lite stuff was on the market . Today I am doing good to point the trolling motor and turn the throttle while sitting on the bow . Maybe I will get some new knees soon . 

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