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Nasty Weather Pics


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Let’s see some bad weather pics that you’ve been caught in.  This one was from last weekend. We hung out at the beach after fishing a tournament until 1pm or so.  Storms moved in with just rain at first, so we stayed and enjoyed the warm water and cool rain.  Finally the t-storms moved in and it was time to go.  This is my friend’s boat. He also owns a Pathfinder 1806 (MBGFORUM member Sasquatch).  


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2 hours ago, geeviam said:

Great pic Dave!  Sorry for the derail, and you can PM me if you prefer - but I've seen the trolling motor offset mounted like yours is, on a few skiffs lately.  What are the advantages?  Would you do it again?  Thanks.

Yep, like Ralp said, and so it does not extend beyond the beam of the skiff.

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