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Ruskin LMR area


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we fished Mon Jun 28th around the Little Manatee River area . Spent a third of the time cutting fishing line, leader  and weights out of the mangroves . Between the red tide and fisherman destroying the area this has become a very challenging area to fish . It over 25 years fishing this area I have never seen it this destroyed . If we all take a few minutes each trip to try and clean up the mess that these ignorant fisherman are leaving behind we may be able to save this place . When you see something this abused by fisherman you can almost understand why many tree huggers don’t want people fishing in areas . It’s very sad seeing this area so abused . Everyone please help save our fishing grounds so our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy them . This area like most places has a lot of new fisherman and new to boating people in it with everyone’s help we may be able to save this area between red tide , ignorant fisherman and all the new boaters we all need to try and help out a little . Joe R 

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Lol, it’s over for Florida. Done. TOO MANY PEOPLE. Developers killed this state (Tampa Bay Area in particular: Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee/Sarasota counties) a long time ago and our elected officials let it happen. You don’t need to read a Carl Hiaasen editorial or novel to understand what happened to this place - although they’re very telling - you just need to live here long enough. One of my best buds lives on about three acres in Dade City with his wife and kids. They moved out of once rural Land O’ Lakes in the mid 90s to get away from the speedy development and transportation infrastructure that couldn’t keep up.  Now the 20 acres of cow field behind their house just sold and is being turned into a huge housing development. So now they’re packing up and moving to Alabama. These are 4th generation Floridans who once said they’d never leave Florida. To quote my friend:

“When you can no longer set a trot line in the lake because it will get tangled in a ski boat’s prop, it’s time to leave”. That was 1990.

What a *** shame.


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