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So I know the gold standard is JL audio. But I honestly can't justify the money. I have a Fusion head unit and 4 Fusion 7 inch speakers. I need an amp to push those speakers apparently. I blew a pair and returned to Fusion, which they replaced (credit to them) but tech did tell me that the head unit wasn't pushing enough watts for those speakers to run over about half of max without an amp. I really would only crank it up that much if I'm running so probably didn't really notice distortion too much.

I certainly don't want to keep blowing speakers so need to add an amp. But I really don't want to spend $400 on the JL amp. I have hard time justifying it. I'm all about quality, but I buy Stradics, not Stellas. I don't want junk, but just not really seeing the value in the JL amps for me. So looking for options in the $200 range for a 4 channel amp to push Fusion FRS 702 speakers. I'm honestly not very much in to this kind of thing so looking for help and direction. I want something of quality that will last, but don't need to hear every nuance of each change in chord. I just figured there had to be something between the JL and the junk, not sure exactly where to look.

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