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Retrofit front Cushion Seat of older Pathy

Tod Hagan

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I've, and many others, have asked about this. Factory really can't help as the molds are very different from the older 2200 and the changed mold in about 2003.

I will/would do one of the following:

1) using 1" starboard in seafoam as a replacement lid. Possibly 2 - 1" pieces. Main concern is weight. To get it even with th front deck, it's about 3".

2) put down a full piece of starboard over the hole and cut a hole for one of these from boat outfitters: http://www.boatoutfitters.com/starboard-deck-hatch-with-radius-corners

I've had a couple of fibergl*** guys look at it and for them to make a mold and fab a piece in fibergl*** would be cost prohibitive.

Also, my plan is to do th abov solution but also have a removable seat cushion that snaps in when not on fishing trips.

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