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The bouncing is not my major concern. Accidental deployment is and the easy solution is to move the nut all the way down when trailering or long rough runs between  spots. Don't  trust the front clips for anything big.

If the bouncing was a problem you would hear of cracked broken shafts. Just don't  hear it.

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There was a similar topic a while back and i cant find the pic i shared. I did not want to permanently attach anything to the front deck. I purchased the minn kota one. Disassembled base, cut shaft to length and bought a rubber foot, works perfectly. I will take a better picture tomorrow 


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3 hours ago, Fish5 said:

Cut about an inch to long so the down pressure would hold 



I think your comment about making the shaft long to keep down pressure is a very important one. A support that allows the head to move up and then slam down onto the support will be worse than having no support at all.

I am not convinced a support is a good idea. The shaft acts as a dampener without a support, so adding a support creates a direct link to the head, so the G loads might increase.

Think about a fishing rod with a lure, it can swing it around and not break the tip, but if the tip contacts a hard object (T top for example) it can break. Similar concept with the support on a trolling motor.

Somebody with some time on their hands could mount an accelerometer on the head and test different supports.

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Ive been thru this evolution.... my needs were for running in the rough so if you want it locked down you neede to go with something more secure than a strap to go on the TM shaft, other wise the leg will kick out and there goes your support.  

I def was not a fan of drilling any holes for a mount to the deck nor  did I want anything atached permanently on the TM head.  So I used the med size RAM claw removed the ball and adapted a PVC fitting in its place then attached to a appropriate sized PVC pipe and chair leg cap on the end... has been rock solid running even in big seas



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