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Which Livewell to Keep Fish Alive

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Whichever one brings in more water. Exchanging water is the key, more in more out.

You would think so, but in the hottest days of summer sometimes recirculate is better and then adding ice to cool it down.

Having it on raw water constantly in shallow warm water brings in warm surface water, whereas recirc with ice keeps the water cool while still oxygenating. This isn't as much as an issue as it is in really warm water like louisiana.

during the summertime in louisiana, redfish tournaments often have a large percentage of dead fish penalties. Some boats even get oxygen tanks.

That being said, I have raw and recirc and normally just keep raw on the whole time in florida. Louisiana would be recirculate and ice

Here's a pro tip, if your redfish is just out of the slot give him a nice little ice bath, you can usually get them to slink up a little

Op, if you want to give yourself the best shot at no dead fish, use the well with recirculate and add ice. You can pump in new water after 2 hours or so and then add ice again. You can also get a livewell additive.

Also, get these: http://www.newproproducts.com/products.html

The best thing is to give the redfish plenty of room and not have them curled up as well

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my 02 2200V only had a drain in the port side. i converted it by splicing into the plumbing of the center livewell. i fish redfish tourneys and keep the reds in the port well. if it's really hot, i'll slip a zip lock baggie of ice into the well every hour or so. only fish i've ever lost was because one once knocked the drain tower out and i didn't find it untill they were dead.

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