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Livewell Pump Not Priming


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I have been trying to figure out why my livewell will not pump water while on plane. Works fine at idle and right when I get off plane it starts pumping water again. I am thinking when I am on plane, there is an air lock preventing flow.

How are yall's livewells set up? And have you had this issue? I have attached a photo of where my pickup is.

Thanks in advance for your help.




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Looks to me like you may not be able to get water to pick up while on plane. The pick up being in the top forward of the pocket, water p*** right by.

Try turning the pump, but it looks to me like you need to shim the pick up down so it can catch the p***ing water.

Try going as slow as you can on plane and see if it pumps, or try tabing down to the right side and see it pumps. If it pumps going slow or rolled to the side, I would say the water is p***ing by the pickup.

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Thanks I will try that to see if it works then. If water is still not going to the pickup, what would be the best option of lowering the pickup so water hits it?

I have attached pictures of my livewell setup. Excuse the dirty bilge.

I would try using a 1/4 to 1/2 thick piece of starboard, cut in the shape of the clam shell scoop, used as a shim to lower the scoop. This of course ***uming there is enough threaded pipe on the inside to allow it to lower. Otherwise you will have to get a new scoop with long enough pipe to allow for the shim.

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Your problem is simple in concept. The clear basket container should be mounted sideways, parallel to the floor or less. That way the water runs into easily with the help of gravity. Mounting it vertical makes it harder for it to "pull a prime".

With that being said your particular setup makes it difficult unless you relocate your automatic bilge switch that would be in the way.

You could decide to go all in and totally rebuild the pump system. It may be a good idea to replace that plastic marlen type valve (which can crack) with a standard br*** valve. This was recommended to me by HOBO several years ago. Check out this nice clean bilge area.


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If my valve is open it will pour water into the livewell when running on plane. Like I said I learned the tip from HOBO several years ago about mounting the strainer on the side or below if there was room. When its mounted like yours the pump has to work harder to pull a prime to get the water to fill that clear strainer.

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It may be set in 5200 and therefore hard to get apart and then put back in the right location sideways. This sounds crazy, but its not all that hard to re-do the complete plumbing for the livewell to replace the old stuff. Its a very do-able project. The reason I did mine was due to the plastic type marlen valve that broke. Don't wait for yours to break.

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Algi posted the following on a different post to you.. he has a great point, maybe the plastic marlen valve is broken in the closed position. Mine broke and that's why I re did my plumbing in that location.

Little chief

I have the same boat same pump set up

Just had the same problem

this may sound stupid BUT

Have u messed with the plastic ball valve?

Have u checked the strainer for gr*** build up?

If u messed with the ball valve u may have broken the valve CLOSED. So no water!!!

If strainer is clogged NO WATER.

Pick up on bottom of boat is FINE. don't mess with it.

Strainer can be vertical NO PROBLEM

SO i broke my valve stem closed NO WATER

replaced it with br*** ball valve.

Strainer was clogged with gr***

replace only the ball valve


If u need help just let me know

I am not far from u

Hope this helps

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