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have a 2200 2011 pathfinder, came with a manual that is not entirely complete, shows a diagram of a ATC 10 way fuse block.

i see q fuse block inside center console on front -startboard side, difficult to check because of location, and also in manual labelled A-12 way cap,B-9 way cap, and C-4 way cap. anyone know what they mean?

reason is  my entire switch panel rocker switches, and my vhf radio went out, not working.

Also i have a Blue  Seas blade fuse block in front of center console for add on i have like the HDS displays.

have done all the checking of the wires in center console, cant find a positive or negative that is disconnected, could that pathfinder  fuse block in starboard corner be the problem?

thanks for any input or suggestions on this.


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My 2012 2200 TRS has a push button reset circuit breaker panel in console glove box. One for each switch on the panel. The power for everything in the console comes from the Main Switch Panel in the starboard side rear bilge area. 

Sounds like your 2011 is different. Maybe someone with your year will chime in. If not post some pics of the areas.

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