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Fished the "BEAST" HPS 2300 - Yes - Chokoloskee insanity again :)

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Finally, after 8 weeks of owning the HPS 2300, I got to take her out to fish ......yep, Saturday INSANITY once again..but, it was my only day I could head out....in a span of 15 minutes we had 5 boats in the water and 1/2 doz backed up to launch at 0700...there were at least 20 boats in the water before we arrived......once we got on the water, we counted 20 boats heading South in 10 minutes....insane...got to retire soon so I can fish mid week.

The HPS 2300 met all my expectations and more....

Took my bud COTO and we were both impressed with the ride....as COTO said as we were running the bights....."We are styling"....


The SHO 250 is a BEAST on the hole shot with the 4 blade ported prop.....we jumped up in 2 foot of water with no problems..it spools up like a jet engine....you feel the spool then it lurches forward.....up out of the hole in 2 boat lengths.....

Top end loaded was 54 mph....but, no need to run that fast....the "happy place" seems to be about 37 mph....the rpms were 4,000 ...so, it seems to be pretty well dialed in....at 54.9 MPH....we were at 5500 rpms.....and it requires a lot of focus to run the boat at 55 mph....no way running 3 foot bights at 55....when I'm back in the bights I'm normally running max 35 mph.....



We fished the low tide in the same areas we fished the MA17 - The Holy Ghost - but, we were just a bit more cautious.....as COTO said, 'we are not pushing off the oyster bars as easily as the MA17"....


Here's the first trip assessment:


Ride - the platform rides as discussed in a nasty chop - we went off shore to check the traps and found some good chop to test the ride - and as others have said, "get up on top of the chop at 30 mph and it rode well"

T-Top: staying cool was great - see cons

As a fishing platform - space space space.....the OUTLAW'S casting platform on the bow works great as a sight location and sitting for chunking.  The rear platform is like dance floor and with the T-top rod holder, if you get a large wake or wave, you can grab on and not jostle over

Dual 10 foot power poles on engine bracket - SPIDER ARMS !!! AWESOME......One button push and you are stopped.

Cons -

T-Top - great for shade, but, it acts like a sail in the wind.  You have to compensate for it when loading on the AMERITRAIL.  As well, you have to compensate when casting from the rear platform.

more to come....


Again, way too many skiffs running around on a Saturday....COTO managed a couple of snook early....

It will take a bit to get the HPS 2300 dialed in.....


here you can see the casting platform up on the bow.....with COTO handling the snooklet....











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6 hours ago, THE OUTLAW said:

Nice to see yall got out .


There are plenty of critters out there .

If we could only catch a slot snook .

Had plenty , on the hook but shiff happens .

The poor mans Carps are out in full force .




good day...did you catch them on the wreck numbers ???



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3 hours ago, SeaSerpent123 said:

Nice to see you out man!  Beautiful boat!  Nice thing is even with all the boats, you should be able to out run most. lol

So when do you want to hit flamingo?


you pay for the da shrimp and DIONE'S CHICKEN...I'm in :(

catch up soon...



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