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After market splash well hatch

Geaux Time

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Gonna replace the pie hole with a TH marine 11x19 removable hatch within the next week or so. I have the hatch and read the previous threads regarding placement. I plan on using a 3M marine sealant around the edges. My question for those who have done this already is do I seal all of the little screw holes as well? And, did you use nuts on the back side of the screws on the underside?

Thanks, Scott

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I'm not sure what that means Boss. :confused:

It means that this is great project to improve access to the pumps & plumbing. We can make the topic stick to the top so the owners with a 16 Redfisher lets say,know what make & model hatch fits in their splashwell.

We try to make the Forum as informative as we can, as people purchase older boats, and wish to get a new prop, add Rabuds, or trick out their skiff.

We have great owners and this Forum is for you.


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Completed the hatch replacement today. Took about 2.5hrs...due to repeated trips to the garage to fetch stuff. I first made a template and taped it off. I used the Harbor Freight oscillating tool to cut the fibergl***. I put a bead of 3M marine sealant on the underside of the new hatch before I dropped it in. Once in, I drilled all the screw holes and put screw, washer, and nuts. Spent a lot of time fumbling with those nuts trying to thread them blindly but worth it in the end. I used the marine sealant again around the outside of the hatch to make a water tight seal. Including pictures...If anyone knows how to make them pop up automatically instead of clicking on them feel free to do so. Thanks as always to those who gave advice.









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