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Marine Electronics repair?

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Hey all - it's official, my Lowrance HDS Gen 3 definitely has an issue.   It will not read either transducer and gives me a blank white screen on all depth displays.  I've done everything I can think of to eliminate other problems, but pretty sure something is bad on one of the head unit boards.   

I reached out to Lowrance to see if they do repairs, but haven't heard back yet.   Does anyone have any recommended shops I could send the head unit to for diagnosis and repair?



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48 minutes ago, Bamaskeet said:

I don’t think Lowrance fixes their fishfinders.  Transducers fail a lot more than fish finders, so that’s the first place I would look.

Thanks, that at least gives me better direction and I won’t waste time on Lowrance. As for transducers failing, seems unlikely both failed simultaneously, so thinking head unit. 

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13 minutes ago, Shallowminded6 said:

Sea-Tronics in south FL. did me right, there was an issue with my unit, then another after the repair and they treated me right. Good honest people. Jason is the head guy and very knowledgable. Call and tell him what its doing and he can give you advice on whether to fix or replace. http://www.sea-tronics.com/

(754) 251-0123


This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks all!  

Somewhere deep down, I am hoping it will not be worth fixing so I can justify buying the Garmin Livescope bundle that I can’t afford.   Momma wouldn’t want me to be unsafe and not have any depth reading!  Wouldn’t want to end up like this guy!!


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9 minutes ago, Shallowminded6 said:

That powerpole must be strong making it lift the port side like that. 

Lol, yeah, let’s just say that the tide charts in that area were about 2 hrs off.  We actually intentionally pushed her up on the crown of a flat, thinking we would wade fish for an hour through the low.  That became the proverbial 3 hr tour.   Live and learn.  Luckily we were highly visible to every fishing boat that passed by in the nearby channel, so we got to enjoy the smug grins of all the captains rolling by shaking their heads at us.  

I don’t make googan mistakes frequently, but when I do, I typically do it in grand style.  

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