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2200V console height?

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Hi all - Two years ago I sold my 2200V after 20 years of ownership due to a move out of South Florida. Best boat I ever had and in hindsight I should have kept it! We're up north in NH  now and I'm looking for a boat for mainly Lake Winnipesaukee but also occasional coastal New England use. Knowing what I know about my Pathfinder, and its versatility, a 2200V or even an older 2000V is at the top of my list. My best and easiest launch option has a low bridge, roughly 4-5' high above the water, to reach the main lake. I know some of the newer models have a folding windshield and grab rail so I'm thinking that would be a great option if the console is low enough, or if it doesn't come with that feature, I could modify as needed. What I'm hoping for, if possible, is for some of you fellow 2000V or 2200V owners to let me know what year and model you have and also the measurement from the floor of the boat to the top of the console. (I know I'll have to allow a few more inches for the distance from the water-line to the floor) 

Thanks for your help!

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i have to go under a bridge too. the marker on the bridge shows the clearance in inches. 60" is about as skinny as i can get under it and my crash bar and windshield are cut down 5". actually, i have no grab bar. i cut it down and made a rod holder and cup holder on each side of the console.

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