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Wet Sanding Options


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I have an 03 that was lift kept before I bought it. I just did the hull with buffer using 3m imperial compound, finesse it 2, and then waxing and it came out great. I prolly have $150 worth of supplies including the purchase of buffer.(cheap buffer worked great) I have enough leftover to do more times as needed. It is a bit of a workout for the shoulders, but doable in a weekend for a family guy.

I was thinking I might have to wet sand also. But I'm happy with the results of the process I did. If the wet sand is done, I'm sure it will look great, like brand new. Just keep a good wax is applied regularly, will help the new shine last.

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Right before I sold my pathfinder, I did a wet sand and all mentioned below:

time: 1-2 hours to hand wet sand...you use a small block of wood and I only did the outside hull

Then follow the below mentioned by Hurricane.

Use a system such as 3m and just follow the processes..

The time is in the interior of vessel - gunnels, etc.

as mentioned...

outer hull - about 1 hour each process

Inner hull - same

Total - 8-10 hours total

Get a good variable speed buffer and keep it on as slow as possible or you will burn the gelcoat.


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800, 1000, 1200 grit wet sand. Use a spray bottle with water/dish detergent mix and keep everything wet. Then buff with a rotary buffer at 1000-1500 rpm with a wool pad with the buffer on its side. Buff with 3m marine rubbing, then 3m color/gloss restorer (same thing as imperial), then a wax/polymer of your choice. Do a test spot with the wet sand paper to see if you need to go all the way down to 800.

Boat will come out like new

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Great results!

Not a Pathfinder but a 1992 Donzi Sweet 16 (with a 383, stroked, V-8 Chevy engine). I bought her from a guy in Naples, Florida. Naples, where every colored hull looks faded, like this...


I also had been thinking of one up in Canada, where the boating season is only 4 weeks long and the boat was in fresh water its whole life. The problem with that boat was that once I would have driven to Detroit, I would have only been half way there.

Anyway, had the boat wet sanded and then applied a few coats of Zaino and she looked like new!




As far as what technique was used for the wet sanding, I don't know. There was no way that I was going to hit gelcoat with sandpaper!!

I trailered the boat up to Flowery Branch, GA and left it with Chris Garrison of CG Marine. Came back a week later with a bunch of money and got a new boat in return. The cost of the refinishing was more than payed back when I sold the boat.

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