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What a windy weekend!  Temps dropped as well as it being over cast the entire time it felt.  Water temp went from 80 down to 75.  Lots of bait but the little minnow type of bait.  We did ok considering the conditions.  Everywhere I wanted to fish, I couldn't due to wind.  Went back the Hells Bay for the first time and that was pretty cool.  Fish had a darker tint to them which I thought was neat as heck!  Annette fished with shrimp the entire time and I used the paddle tails with pretty good success.  Unfortunatly, all snook, reds, trout were small but we had a great time.  I did however hook a monster snook and on the 2nd jump, she threw the hook.  I've never messured a snook that big but if I had to take a guess, she was over slot.  I'm getting closer you all and the next one should hit the deck hopefully.  Here are a few pics.



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11 hours ago, SeaSerpent123 said:

I also talked to a lot of anglers coming in as well as the rangers and all said the same thing, tough conditions and all small fish so at least I didn't feel to bad.

Well done....you learn from EVERY TRIP.....unfortunately, those conditions are almost impossible to fish.....but, you had some fun times with the wife and the FEEEESSSSSH ARE A BONUS !!!




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