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HPX18 and 17V question

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Sometime in 2009 there was a significant hull change so 2010+ on the 18's is the new/current hull minus a minor cap change, not sure about the 17 but believe it is the same. The difference between the 17 being 16'8" and the 18 being 18'4" is substantial. The 18v is a big 18 and the 17v is a small 17, to me anyways they both have a fantastic ride.

Only 17 I have been on was a newer one and has a 115 and my 18 has a 115 also. To my knowledge the HPX lineup has been pretty solid across all years. Also the 18 will be light years better than your Hewes 16 and I think you would be happier in a 18v coming from a 22 Pathfinder.

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Good comments from Tender.  The 18 hull has been around since 2010 and there have been 2 or 3 top cap modifications. Pretty much the same for the 17v. I had both plus an s model. Depending on the application I could choose any of them. If you need to be really skinny a 17S or v would be the best selection as long as you don't have to cross a lot of open water. The v is more stable than the s but draws more water depending on engine choice. Our 18 is perfect for us at 75 years old, stable, pretty shallow on a TM and we catch fish with it. I do not have access to some of my spots that I got too with the S but the stability more than makes up for that. The 18's speed and open water capability allows me to go places I was uncomfortable to go with the S. Everything in life is a trade off.

Good luck with your search.

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Thank you for the information. I currently live in Key West and I am going to look at a 2005 which has the Kevlar hatches. It has a 2014 Yamaha 115on it with low hours. Also a 2002 17V that has a newer motor. Just trying to see if I am buying someone’s problems, or should I look for a newer one.

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