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HELP! I'm seriously in the market for a Pathfinder


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Hey Fellows and Friends!

The son of one of my best life-time friends has asked me to help him get set up with a good previously owned Pathfinder...  Either a 22 or 24 foot model, it doesn't really make any difference between the two...  We are looking for a rig manufactured between 2002 and 2015 (not interested in the 1999 thru 2001 models) ..  A four stroke motor is preferred but certainly wouldn't be a deal-breaker...  A rig with an engine needing to be replaced will also be favorably considered...  A suitable trailer is certainly a preferred desirable option...

Send me a PM, text message, email, or phone call with what you might have that meets these preferences... (send me a PM and I'll forward you my cell phone number)

Thank you!!

email address: hobo27@comcast.net

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9 hours ago, Fishin&#x27; Mission said:

Why not anything prior to 2002? 

It’s a less desirable layout. The forward compartment opening from the front instead of the top makes a lot of difference. The for side hatches with the cushions instead of fiberglass tops would also be a deterrent. They just don’t hold up and they hard to replace. Few other small things but that’s the just of it. Other than the cap the hull is the same though.    

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Miss Jazzy and fin-addict both hit the "nail on the head" with their responses regarding the questions identifying a few undesirable features with the pre-2002 22' Pathfinders...  Several huge mods were made beginning with the 2002 models..   It was very difficult to install rod holders in the gunnels of the earlier models because of the narrow width of the gunnels, they were widened...   The front casting deck storage compartment access hatch being relocated from a "front-opener" to a 'top-opener" was probably the biggest and most noticeable difference...  Making the two forward-side hatch covers solid fiberglass instead of a being a fixed, padded cushion-top lid was also a huge improvement...  The aft cockpit floor was also raised slightly and the rear cockpit drains were improved and relocated... 

We found my friend a 2003 22' Pathfinder from the St. Augustine area with very low hours on a 200 HPDI Yamaha...  I also had a great offering from another gentleman from Louisiana...  His offering was also an original owner, like new, 2003 22' PF & 200 hpdi  with 405 hours...  I was mighty tempted to buy that one for myself as a back-up.  Very reasonable price also...

I do want to thank those that responded to this post seeking a good

22 Pathfinder as well as referrals....

This is a great forum!!!  Thanks MBC!! 

----------<" ){{{{*><




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