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Old hull, new finish


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About 5 weeks ago met young man with 'new' product he calls Mavinate. Not like polyglow, he tells me it will last 3-5 years on new hulls...well my 1991 is oxidized, etc.

Previously I've had wetsanded, compounded, waxed..looks good but only lasts a few weeks..even multiple wax stays on for protection, but still looks old & faded.

So he says my gel is really bad, like others says repaint. But what the heck - I'm ok to try. So he does

The photo was taken during the process. Today, 5 weeks of direct sun and runs in the water, it still looks like the "after" photo. Time will tell.

Btw: he did not compound, never used a buff wheel. He sprayed numerous cleaners on ( I had good coats of wax), and with a 3 or 4" roller put on his liquid. It dried like you see.

So, time will tell...


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So real world..it's now been just over 1 year.  I have used a product he gave me after washing to touch up a few times.

hull repeals water (like a new wax job) and washes easy...BUT the oxidation look is back.  Looked 'new' maybe 6-9 months, but now it's back to what it looked like before (except still easier to clean off slime).  It cost as much as 2 or 3x a pro polish job, so no I would not do again.    

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