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Leaning post slip up...Uh oh....

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Good morning all....First of all, you have to realize the good Lord never gave me any mechanical ability. I just don't have the genes. With that being said, I need some advice.

I attached a couple of pieces of Starboard to the side of my leaning post to mount a fire ext and a boga grip. (I found a bracket/holder for the boga grip online) Anyway, as I installed the startboard, I didn't account for needing to adjust them to keep the tray under the seat in the same holes. SO....I had to re-drill the holes to attach the tray. Now I have extra holes in the leaning post. They re under the seat and will be covered up by the tray once I finish.

My question is, should I try to fill the extra holes in, and if so, what should I use...It will not be visible so looking "pretty" won't be an issue.

Any and all help and suggestions would be appreciated. If I could ever figure out how to post a pic, I would....GO ahead & have a good laugh, then help me!

Tight lines all....

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My only tip would be .

If you live where the temp drops below freezing , and water gets in there , it will expand and blow out the pipe .

Could happen in north FL .


Yes this could happen...


Drill a small hole about 1/2" above the deck and that won't happen.

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