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‘98 Master Angler


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We just purchased a 1998 master angler from the original owner, and while the boat and engine are in overall good shape, she was fished all those years and in an area with oysters…. she could use some cosmetic TLC. Can anyone recommend a shop for gelcoat repair in the treasure Coast area? The bottom definitely has some scars, and there are a few marks on the side and there’s a stress crack  where the deck meets the back under the seat, right in that gutter. TIA

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I'll let those who live in the area make recommendations, but:

1) Congratulations on the purchase of a great hull!   

2)  Would love to see some pics of her

3)  Glad you joined the forum!


Barring a closer shop, the Skiff Shop has a great reputation for quality work - communication can be a challenge from what I hear, but I suspect they are busy!


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Welcome, If you want to purchase the fiberglass yourself they sell it in Wildwood Florida at a place called mini-craft. You give them you HIN and they have the factory colors. I was told to get the one with the 'wax' so you can use it for touch up on the hull and deck. I am wanting to get some for mine but not at that stage yet. still have a few others things to finish first.


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