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HPXV Livewell Operation

Joe Crato

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Been filling my livewell the past few weeks with lots of whitebait and I’m looking for recommendations on how everyone else runs there’s throughout the day of fishing. I have been leaving both switches on the whole time. The downward bilge switch fills and the livewell 1 switch recirculates ( at times I swear the recirculating switch is pumping in fresh water as well). I’ve had zero problem keeping bait alive, I just don’t know if I’m running it all right??? 

I have no battery problem running both switches on due to my Powerpole Charge. I run from spot to spot frequently throughout the day. 



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4 hours ago, whichwaysup said:

that's a lot of bait to keep alive - if you aren't having an issue, I'd say you are doing it right!   I'll let others with the same model weigh in though!

I appreciate your advice and the post below seems to agree. I have no problem running both so I’ll keep doing it that way. Honestly I’ve had more whitebait in there than that and no problem with any dying off. Thanks again! 

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3 hours ago, jh141 said:

Agree,  If they are staying alive you are doing it right. I keep my recirc and sea chest pumps both running all the time as well.


Advice taken, thank you for the reply. I just didn’t want to be stressing out pumps, first season with this skiff. 

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