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Trim Tab Switch


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Anyone know who makes the toggle style trim tab switch Maverick uses on the HPXV? It is on my Maverick HPXV and they do not use Lenco switches with the Lenco tabs.

I'm having an intermittent problem on 1 tab that is driving me nuts. Tested the actuator and it is good, now the switch is working again so I can't determine if it is the switch going bad or the wiring so I'm most likely going to replace both just to eliminate any potential issue.

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Thank you. That appears to be it although I'm not convinced it is the switch after further investigation last night. Kind of a long one but here is how it went.

I have already cut the wiring in the bilge leading to the trim tab actuator and bared the wires on both the actuator and the wires leading to the switch.

Step 1. I checked voltage coming out of the switch to the wiring in the bilge and had 12v, connected the trim tab and got nothing but a tiny click out of the actuator.

Step 2. Connected the actuator directly to the battery with alligator clips and it worked.

Step 3. Immediately re connected the actuator to the wiring in the bilge and it worked both up and down with no issue. Let it sit for 10 minutes and tried again, did not work again.

Repeated steps 1-3 again with the same results.

Finally out connected the actuator to the battery and let it run for 2 minutes or so. Re connected to the switch and it worked again. Let it sit overnight and it still works this morning.

My thoughts are the electric motor is going bad and sticking, once it is broken loose it functions for a few minutes before seizing again. After letting it run for 2 minutes solid the armature on the motor is cleaned up which is why it ran this morning again but is bound to fail. This is only on one tab and wiring looks good.

Sorry for the long post but intermittent electrical problems like this are my nemesis. If it was just straight broken it life would be a lot easier. Anyone have another idea before I order another actuator?

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If it is interment it is more likely the motor than the switch. you could wire a little 12 volt light into the wiring for easy trouble shooting to check if it quits again. If it does not function and the light comes on at least you know instantly you have power. 

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I would change out the switch.. I had problems with mine (older Hewes using rocker switches).. intermittent/lagging issue.... these switches do not appear to be fully waterproof... if you can look at back of yours, the blades will show issues, corrosion - best to replace...

another question... do you have the deutch connectors or some type of spliced connection inline ?  If you either connector can go bad and give you those same issues.

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