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Florida Sportsman forum shutting down


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Received and email from Salt Strong about this in last few days. They were talking about how bad it became because moderators were just letting everything go. Love the Salt Strong community and love this one as well. Moderators please stay on top of the "trash" so to speak. 

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I was on the FS forum in name only...

I have been here since 2003 when I purchased the first of my 4 MBG vessels.

There has been many years of spirited debate here, but, always with the intention of good information and learning.

A forum should be a place of learning, community for a similar interest, and a reprieve from daily work life....

Lots of jokes about secret spots, secret lures, and all the normal lying of fisherman.....bottom line....put in your TOW (time on the water) and you don't catch fish typing naughty things on a computer screen....

I've met some of my best friends on this forum, many whom I've now had for almost 20 years, Capt. Don H is one of them....he's taught me so much and has been there when I needed him on some personal things....we've re-built boats together and had great fun....Hobo, Raul, Coto, Linsider Mike, Big Dave, Outlaw, and others (Josh helped with some decision on the HPS 2300 - Scott Wilson as well)...I got prop advice from Markus of PowerTech...the list goes on............I recently met Sea Serpent from Pembroke Pines and we have a passion for the same things....fishing, making Youtube videos, and having fun on the water....I'm glad I met him and his wife......(even though I did have to share a permit with him :) (LO)....watch the video)

The FS forum became as mentioned previously....a forum of negativity and making fun of people who are trying to learn....

Enough said, I hope MGB realizes the value they have in this forum and allow it to continue....it sells boats and allows other who can't afford a new boat to fix up their vessel.

Mod MM and Mod Bubba - thank you for what you do....



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Joined FS when I bought my first boat in ‘09? I think. Been a member here since ‘11 after my first of three Pathfinder’s. That forum used to be very informative, learned a lot over there but has been going down hill for a long time. I left probably 5-6 years ago and haven’t missed it one bit. I’m not as active here as I once was but that’s because I feel like I’m an expert on early Pathfinders and that’s because how much I’ve learned from everyone here. That’s what it’s all about. 

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I remember when the forum had great contributors.  Initially and the first few years. A wealth of info. But the forum slowly fell apart. Sad. As with many things in Florida, with time, so many things have faded to a fraction of what they used to be.

I remember in the early 80s going to the store to pick up the latest issue of the magazine. Great writers. Flip Pallot. Chico Fernandez. Biff Lampton.  Charles Waterman.  Byron Stout. Steve Kantner. Vic Dunaway.  And so many more. Those were my heroes growing up. In my minds eye I can still recall the paragraphs, articles, illustrations, magazine covers etc. Todays issues are nothing compared to those of the past. 

This forum has some great folks that’s for sure. Microskiff is okay. THT is a rogues gallery, sorta like a rough bar with rough guys ready to duke it out, nonetheless , still some great info and people there.

But the FL Sportsman forum South & 10ks, a real gem in its past.  😞


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