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Pie plate to waterproof hatch?

Fishin' Mission

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4 hours ago, Fishin' Mission said:

Has anyone successfully replaced the pie plate hole with a larger hatch lid? if so how hard was it? Just looking for a way to have easier access to pumps. 

I did it (okay, admission - had it done during my rebuild).   About the hardest part is getting the darned part.   Very hard to find a completely removable hatch, but Jim Black makes them.   I think I ended up getting my through Great Lakes skipper.   

As for the job, it's relatively simple - but not necessarily easy.  It's easier if you don't have an engine and rigging in the way.   Cutting that splashwell with hydraulic steering cables, engine rigging, and transducer wires in the way is asking for trouble, so the question is whether it's easier to disconnect everything first or try to work around it.  

It's worth the trouble in the long run, but it's not as simple as cut and  plug.

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