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Livewell Plug


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I am using my 2021 2200TRS in my Charter business up here in Michigan.  Last week I had two clients out who had extra personal gear that I needed to store for the day's fishing trip.  To accommodate them, I removed the stand pipe from live well #2, (port side, aft) and replaced it with the plug that came with the boat.  I put their two backpacks in there and we headed out.  A couple of hours into the trip, one of the clients said he needed something from his pack.  He opened the LW#2 hatch and I heard a "Oh Man!".  The live well was fulll of water, submerging both packs.  The plug had come out.  I felt pretty bad but we soldiered on for the day.

Yesterday, during my run to buy gas, I made sure the plug was all the way in and seated tight and I left the hatch open so I could watch it while I was running.  Sure enough, it popped up enough (not all the way out) so water started filling the well.  Same thing on the return trip. I made doubly sure that the plug (rubber) was in tight.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Do they make a plastic plug that screws in instead of the factory supplied rubber plug that presses in?



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Close the Sea Chest pump ball valve, Leave the stand pipe in. No water will come in via the pump and the stand pipe will raise the drain above the water line "hopefully" preventing any water intrusion up through the drain.

If you close both the inlet ball valve and the drain ball valve that live well will become dry.

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The best way to plug the drain is  with a 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 plumber test plug. You can get them at lowes or home depot.

The get ss wing nut and bolt from the hardware isle to replace thenut and bolt.  

Be sure to close the nozzle  at the top of the well or the valve itself 

Pretty sure  it is 1 1/4

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There are two ways water can get in the livewell.  If you leave the ball valve open, water will fill the livewell while you are on plane.  Obviously leaving the drain plug out will allow water in the live well.

I suggest you take Smilemaker’s advice by using a plumbers test plug.

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