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10k islands on fire


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Wife and I just broke in the new pathfinder 2300hps on the same note as our last trip with our Hewes Redfisher 18…epic everglades city bite! We were a bit cautious on where we went despite knowing the waters pretty well as this is a new boat with a bigger draft. We put in at the Everglades bait and tackle and took the River out past glades haven. Jewel was ok, several small trout were caught but the bait(legit finger muller and smaller pilchard) was all over. We decided to move along the outer islands towards Houston River. Along the entrance we caught upwards of 50 smaller snook no larger than 20in. Once inside we caught a few smaller rat reds and a slot 21in red. In the same area we got our 2 person limit on grovers(biggest was 13in but that’s a decent grover imo for inshore). On our last point we pulled a decent 16.5 sheepshead amongst many small snook. The bite was a great start to owning this boat and I plan on reporting back regularly now that I have it over there full time!

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