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Monster Kingfish and goliath groupers off Flamingo

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Had a great trip with our son and his girlfriend.  The day started out slow but we did jump a tarpon early morning.  After that, we decided to go offshore before the winds picked up even more.  Headed to a wreck where we started catching spanish macks and also bait for the goliaths.  I wanted to see my son struggle on a big goliath but he did pretty well catching I believe 4 of them. While catching bait, my rod took off and I swear the fish ran 150 yards in seconds.  Luckily the fish turned and I worked it back towards the boat.  The king was 33 pounds and Nestor was saying it was eating the macks at this wreck.  Crazy!  Needless to say, it was the fish of the day and lots of smoked fish dip to come.  Enjoy you all.


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11 hours ago, wthree3 said:

Great video as always! Did I miss a boat switch? Where did the Pathfinder come from? Thought you just bought a redfisher.

Each year as a gift, I ask for a charter and everyone pitches in. I’ve been going g out with Nestor with Hooked on Flamingo for the past two years now.  He has taught me a ton down there.  So to answer your question, I still have my skiff and the rest of the year I’ll be on it.  

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