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2023 2300 HPS (Dual Power-Poles)


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Hi All,

I'm purchasing a new 2300 HPS.  I'm undecided regarding the size of the dual Power-Pole set up (8ft vs 10ft blades).  I've always wanted 10ft, but some say they get in the way when not deployed.  Anyone have thoughts on this one?





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After having a 8’ Powerpole on my old boat which never got in the way, I bought a single 10’, it allows me to hold in 6-7’ of water which is great.

But it is in the way when I fish under bridges and docks.  I just partially deploy it which solves the problem.  If you mainly fish in 3-4’ of water, an 8’ Powerpole works great and doesn’t get in your way.

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