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Placement and best transducer for 2500


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I just received my new 2500.  The electronics dealer that I bought from (and also did the installation) recommended Garmin 8616xsv along with a GT-15 in hull and GT-56 transom mount.  My issue is with the GT-15.  It does not keep bottom when moving and the picture is terrible to none at all. Even in show speed situations it shows a lot of noise lines. In my previous 2400 TRS I had a Lowrance with a B-60 through hull and the transom mount and it always worked fine but that was on a 2014 and a lot supposedly has improved since then.  My question is what is a good replacement and where is the best place to have it mounted?  I was not aware the step hull would cause problems and once a hole is put it... Thanks

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Smilemaker is correct (forward of the first step). But, there is another thing to consider and that is the angle of the hull where the thru-hull transducer is mounted.  For instance, the degree of the hull on my 23 HPS was 12 degrees where I wanted to mount the transducer, so you have to buy a transducer with a 12 degree offset.  The offset keeps the transducer pointed straight down. If you mount a transducer without an offset, then your transducer will be sending a signal off to the side and not straight down. Hope this makes since!!!

I only have the B-60 and nothing on the transom. It will lose some signal in rough water, but most of the time will read up to 50 mph. 

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